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Company launches are the nexus of great ideas, hard work, perfect timing and a little bit of luck. They also require a lot of preparation. From laying out a business plan to preparing initial filings to building a company culture, our business strategists and lawyers will strive to position you for a successful formation and launch.

Protect Your IP

Intellectual property often constitutes the very heart and soul of an enterprise. We understand how essential IP assets are to many young businesses and the critical importance of developing creative, practical and cost-effective solutions to both exploit and protect IP.

Build Your Team

As technology, new regulations and changing business models fundamentally redefine the workplace, we guide emerging companies through the strategic considerations and legal requirements of establishing and supporting a strong workforce built for success.

Finance Your Company

From seed money and startup funding through venture and growth capital, mezzanine rounds and IPOs, our financial services team will guide you through the process of securing crucial capital to fuel your plan for growth.

Secure Your Data

For many new companies, data and technology are core business assets (or least assets that need protection). Your company must proactively plan data governance, privacy and cybersecurity strategies to accommodate your business objectives—preferably as you are scaling rather than after you’ve reached substantial size. Our experienced privacy and security team will help ensure that you are well positioned to identify and mitigate your privacy and security risks while ensuring that your business objectives can be met.

Commercialize Your Products

Once the company has built its flagship suite of products and services, a commercialization strategy is key to entering the marketplace efficiently, effectively and profitably. Our technology transactions team will guide you in building a transaction model designed to sell and license your products and services, one that both minimizes friction with customers and optimizes protection of your IP and commercial interests.


Much of marketing is about generating awareness, deepening engagement and motivating action—and digital strategies are a competitive imperative. But you need to know whether your approach to connecting with your customers is realistically grounded, not only in your knowledge of your business but in your understanding of the law.


To propel themselves to the next stage of success, companies need to think honestly about what’s working and what’s not, and anticipate emerging market changes and opportunities. This requires fact-based strategy development, market understanding and process management to ensure you are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunity.


The right collaboration strategy can make or break the value of your business. When you face strategic build, buy, collaborator and M&A opportunities, we are here to guide you through the process with a well-defined vision through sound and multifaceted strategic decision making and the legal and advisory support to maximize your success.