Key Industries

Our deep understanding of diverse industries—including healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, technology, retail and consumer products, real estate, energy, cannabis, manufacturing, infrastructure, insurance, and education—benefits clients as we help finance their operations, expand their businesses, and navigate the maze of laws and regulations governing virtually all commercial activity.

Digital Health

America’s healthcare system is undergoing massive change. Transformational regulatory policy, evolving care delivery and payment models, and the introduction of disruptive technologies are all leading to a significant reshaping of this field. Leveraging more than 160 healthcare lawyers and business and regulatory consultants, we offer emerging digital health companies the tools they need to stand out in a crowded field.

Digital Media / Entertainment

Shifting consumption behaviors and the evolving competitive landscape are transforming how media and entertainment content and experiences are financed, produced and distributed. Manatt’s award-winning media and entertainment team operates at the intersection of traditional and new industry players, business models and technologies, setting us apart as the go-to firm for emerging companies in this rapidly evolving market.


The fintech industry has become a multibillion-dollar global alternative lending sector. We have contributed significantly to this growth, working with over 150 established platforms and investors on raising capital to support consumer and small-business lending, global payment regulatory advice, alternative credit and point-of-sale products, and real estate development projects. We work with emerging fintech companies on platform development and launches, fund formations, regulatory approvals and more.