Capabilities to Serve Clients During COVID-19

Remote Work Capabilities

Manatt is among the top professional service firms in our successful use and adoption of remote virtual technology. We have long deployed technology to protect client information and to save our clients money. The same tools that provide efficient collaboration and secure information access and exchange across the firm also enabled a smooth transition to working remotely firmwide—which is why our response to client needs hasn’t missed a beat since stay-at-home orders were enacted. Our professional and administrative staff have the tools, training and technical support to work remotely and thus provide seamless service to our clients. Our IT experts have always maintained efficiency and security while improving our technology and processes, and their vigilance continues as we step up our use of online services.

State-of-the-Art Teleconferencing Technology

Prior to COVID-19 becoming a pandemic, we fully implemented state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology for all our offices and professionals working remotely. This technology provides us a single tool for client meetings and webinars, with extensive capability for secure content sharing and videoconferencing, without the need for clients to have an account to attend online meetings. Not only does the videoconference feature enhance the experience of staying connected, but it also has many easy-to-use features essential to providing our services in the virtual environment.

While our firm has adopted a standard collaboration platform, we support other platforms based on client request.

Virtual Mediation

In addition to utilizing state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology for internal operations, we apply the same technology to provide our clients virtual mediation to settle disputes online without the need for in-person appearances. Our attorneys apply the same detailed processes used for in-person mediation to arrive at mutually acceptable agreements. Any form of document submission is facilitated through an encrypted, cloud-based platform accessible through the Internet. We understand how to maximize the advantages of virtual mediation to streamline and lower expenses while avoiding the technical and procedural mistakes that can hinder communication and efficient resolution.

Virtual Arbitration

When in the interest of our client, we will propose virtual arbitration wherein each party bids online, without knowing what the other bids. Using a decision tool, the arbitrator determines whether the paying party’s offer is what the other party is willing to accept. Then, if settlement can’t be reached through this bidding process, each party provides relevant documents through the Internet, and the arbitrator evaluates them to reach a resolution.

Virtual Depositions

Depositions, whether in-person or virtual, require thoughtful and strategic preparation for all parties involved. Additional logistical preparation for virtual depositions is necessary, and Manatt uses the latest tools and knowledgeable technical staff. We have successfully used virtual depositions, especially when in-person depositions were not practical, and found they can accelerate case schedule while offering flexibility and cost savings.

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