• 02.02.21

    Conduct Unappealing

    Manatt appellate partner Benjamin Shatz authored an article for Daily Journal about seeking appellate review of contempt orders in California, especially those issued during remote court appearances amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, Shatz broke down the—often confusing and ...

  • 01.29.21

    NY Trial Court Rule Changes Will Streamline Civil Practice

    Manatt Financial Services partner Andrew Morrison and managing attorney Anthony Staltari authored an article for Law360 highlighting 12 interesting changes that will occur following Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks’ recent administrative order amending the Uniform Civil Rules for the ...

  • 01.27.21

    Possibly the US Supreme Court’s Next Takings Case

    Manatt appellate senior counsel Michael Berger authored an article for Daily Journal about the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ Bridge Aina Le'a v. State of Hawaii Land Use Commission takings case, which is currently pending petition for certiorari in the U.S. ...

  • 01.22.21

    California's Role in the New Biden Administration

    This article, published in the Los Angeles Times on January 17, 2021, highlights the role that California will play in the new Biden Administration.

  • 01.19.21

    Addressing the Security Risks of University Foreign Funding

    Manatt partners Scott Lashway and Richard Hartunian and special counsel Matthew Stein authored an article for Law360 about the security risks associated with U.S. colleges and universities accepting foreign funding. In particular, the article discussess three things that higher education ...

  • 01.15.21

    CFPB's Busy 2020 May Foretell Regulatory Uptick Ahead

    Manatt Financial Services partner Richard Gottlieb authored an article for Law360 discussing top 2020 CFPB developments as well as what he expects to see in 2021. In the article, Gottlieb noted how the CFPB under the Biden administration might differ from what we saw under the Trump administration, ...

  • 01.14.21

    The Logistics of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution: Los Angeles

    Government and regulatory partner Brandon Young and associate Jacob Itzkowitz authored an article for Daily Journal about the distribution plans for the COVID-19 vaccine in Los Angeles. In the article, the authors discussed how the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health plans to carry out ...

  • 01.07.21

    Recoup, There It Is: An Artist's Guide to Royalty Hunting

    Leader of Manatt’s entertainment transactions and finance practice Jordan Bromley co-authored an article for Billboard—alongside business management firm Parr3’s Mike Merriman—about how artists should focus on identifying and collecting unclaimed royalties to which they are ...

  • 01.05.21

    The Score After a Score

    Manatt appellate partner Benjamin Shatz authored an article for Daily Journal about the Y2K Report of the Appellate Process Task Force—commonly called the Strankman Report—and how its five recommendations changed the appellate practice over the past two decades—or not. In the ...

  • 12.01.20

    The California Privacy Rights Act Has Passed: What’s In It?

    Co-leader of Manatt’s privacy and data security practice Scott Lashway and partner Brandon Reilly authored an article for Pratt’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Report discussing the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), which was recently approved by voters in California. The article ...



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