• 08.16.17

    DOMINICAN REPUBLIC—Moratorium on Provisional Concessions for Certain Renewables

    Despite the high interest in the country’s energy sector by local and international developers of renewable projects and the government’s commitments and ongoing efforts to diversify the country’s energy matrix, particularly by increasing the available capacity from renewable ...

  • 08.16.17

    REPUBLICA DOMINICANA—Moratoria de Concesiones Provisionales para Ciertas Renovables

    No obstante el alto interés en el sector energético de la República Dominicana por parte de desarrolladores de proyectos de energías renovables, tanto locales como internacionales, y los compromisos y esfuerzos en curso por parte del gobierno para efectos de diversificar la matriz energética del ...

  • 08.11.17

    California Mandatory Packaging Waste Management Initiative

    CalRecycle, the California state agency responsible for solid waste and recycling regulatory programs, estimates that packaging represents about one-quarter of California's total disposal stream. 

  • 08.10.17

    Nevada Becomes Third State with Privacy Policy Law

    Joining the ranks of California and Delaware, the state of Nevada adopted a new law mandating that, beginning Oct. 1, websites and other online services post a privacy policy.

  • 08.10.17

    Apple Takes Bite From Data Security False Ad Suit

    Apple scored a victory in a data security suit when a California federal court judge denied a plaintiff’s motion to certify a class of consumers asserting false advertising claims.

  • 08.10.17

    New Jersey Limits Use of Shopper Data

    Shoppers in New Jersey were promised increased privacy after Governor Chris Christie signed the Personal Information and Privacy Protection Act that limits the collection and use of personal information obtained from consumers.

  • 08.10.17

    FTC Blog Posts Offer Security Guidance

    In an effort to provide insight into the Federal Trade Commission’s data security principles, the agency pledged to each week share a new blog post with lessons for businesses.

  • 08.10.17

    Deferred Vacation Policy Lawful, California Appellate Court Rules

    A vacation policy that employees do not begin to earn vacation time until after their first year of employment is lawful, the California Court of Appeal has ruled, affirming dismissal of a former employee’s lawsuit.

  • 08.08.17

    Next Steps on Healthcare Reform

    Though President Trump has continued to call for action on repeal and replace in the wake of the Senate’s failed vote at the end of July, congressional Republicans have been fairly muted about possible next steps, a sign of conflicting views of whether it is time to move on to other ...

  • 08.03.17

    Regulators Seek Comment on Proposed Jump in Appraisal Threshold

    The federal banking regulators proposed an increase in the threshold for commercial real estate transactions requiring an appraisal from the current $250,000 to $400,000, a move the agencies said was in response to “concerns about the time and cost associated with completing real estate ...