CNBC Interviews Joel Ario on Obamacare Tweaks

CNBC Interviews Joel Ario on Obamacare Tweaks

“Obamacare Tweaking”
CNBC’s Squawk Box

  October 24, 2013 – CNBC interviewed Manatt’s Joel Ario, a managing director with Manatt Health Solutions, for a live television segment about Obamacare ahead of a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the website issues.     

CNBC reports that while the Obama Administration hurries to fix the tech problems plaguing the signup for health coverage on the new exchange, the White House is working on revised guidance on when most uninsured Americans will be required to purchase coverage. People have until December 15 to apply for coverage that’s effective January 1.

“I don't know how long this will take. That's for the experts. But we do know that the business fundamentals are sound," Ario said. "Most people don't want to pay money for a product that won't take effect until January in October. They would rather pay late November, early December. So that's the window to fix this problem."

Ario added, “The people who most need the coverage will wait however long they have to wait to get through the lines and get the product. And people who don't need it as much today, who are very important to have inside this law, will be a bit more impatient."



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