American Lawyer Looks to Manatt Partner on Increase Demand for Environmental Attorneys

California Bidding; New State Emission Regulations Generate More Work For Environmental Lawyers
– The American Lawyer

The American Lawyer looked to Manatt's Craig Moyer, chair of the firm's Land, Environment & Natural Resources Division, for insight into how California's Global Warming Solutions Act has been a boon for law firms with environmental practices in the state.

The American Lawyer reports that law firms with California environmental practices have seen an increased workload since the state passed the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which calls for reducing emission allowances for entities that have previously emitted more than 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. Demand has been especially high this year as companies prepared for the state's first-ever carbon emissions auction last November. Legal work stemming from the auction included advising clients on offset programs and strategizing with clients in connection with the auction.

While this is a somewhat localized spike in demand for legal work, it's likely to become more widespread if other states and the Environmental Protection Agency implement new regulations. "There's the expectation that the EPA will roll out greenhouse gas regulation at some point," said Moyer. "Climate change isn't just a California issue."



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