• 12.07.16

    What Could Reconciliation Mean for Medicaid: Reviewing HR 3762

    President-elect Trump and leaders in Congress have proposed a major restructuring of the Medicaid program, but very significant changes to Medicaid coverage and financing could be adopted even before that debate begins as part of a reconciliation bill aimed at repealing various provisions of the ...

  • 11.30.16

    Property Law and the Scalia Legacy

    "Let others worry about the impact of a new U.S. Supreme Court justice on issues of race, marriage or bathroom access. I'd like to focus your attention on something closer to home, as it were: property rights - specifically, how Justice Antonin Scalia's property legacy will fare. To ...

  • 11.23.16

    CA Modifies Commercial Lease Disclosures Concerning Disability Access Laws

    California's legislature previously passed an update to Civil Code Section 1938 which, effective as of July 1, 2013, required all commercial property leases to disclose whether or not a commercial premises has undergone an inspection by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), and if so, whether ...

  • 11.22.16

    Is TV Achieving Digital Transformation Through M&A and Investment?

    The decline of traditional television has been predicted for years. The threat of YouTube and Netflix, cord-cutters and cord-nevers, and the overall emergence of mobile content consumption have caused hand-wringing throughout the industry for quite a while. In previous years there were trends and ...

  • 11.22.16

    Obama Administration Calls on States to Crack Down on Non-competes

    Why it matters Seeking to reduce the prevalence of non-compete agreements, President Barack Obama released a call to action encouraging employers not to use them in order to “enhance competition to benefit consumers, workers, and entrepreneurs.” The “State Call to Action on ...

  • 11.21.16

    Choosing Hobson's Choice

    "Hobson's Choice" - the 1954 version, directed by David Lean - is the sort of movie that justifies the lament "they don't make 'em like this anymore." Featuring a charming story, snappy dialogue, and a talented cast (including the great Charles Laughton as the ...

  • 11.21.16

    States and Health Reform: Successes and Challenges

    Editor's Note: In a guest appearance on The Diane Rehm Show, an affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR), Manatt Health's Joel Ario discussed the future of Obamacare under a new administration. Since then, the election of Donald Trump certainly puts that future in doubt. Joel's remarks, ...

  • 11.17.16

    How Retailers Can Avoid Regulatory Scrutiny this Holiday Shopping Season

    With the holiday season often accounting for one-third of a retailer’s annual sales, competition can be fierce. Tempting as it is to grab for every advantage, this can have the unpleasant consequence of legal entanglements with the Federal Trade Commission or a state attorney general that are ...

  • 11.17.16

    New FTC Guide Offers Tips for Protecting Personal Information

    On the heels of the Federal Trade Commission’s new guidance for companies hit with a data breach, the agency released updated advice for businesses that maintain personal information. “Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business” relies on five principles: take stock, ...

  • 11.16.16

    Late Notice May Not Matter for Renewed Policy

    Despite the insured's failure to provide notice of a claim during the claims-made policy period, coverage was still available, absent a showing of prejudice to the insurer, where the insured renewed the policy at issue and provided notice during the renewal policy period, a Delaware court ...



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