Sports Law Trends in 2017

Year in Review: The Politicization of Sports Law
– Daily Journal

The Daily Journal quoted Manatt’s Robert Jacobs, co-chair of the firm’s entertainment, sports and media litigation practice, in an article highlighting the politicization of sports law over the course of 2017.

While sports law may not have been influential in 2017, the publication noted that it made several headlines throughout the year. One noteworthy pending case is Christie v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, which deals with a federal law that prevents states from legalizing sports gambling.

According to Jacobs, “The wind is blowing in favor of sports betting.” However, he explained that just as the political winds shifted to help put Colin Kaepernick in the spotlight and move the notion of federally constitutionalized sports betting closer to reality, they could shift back just as easily.



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