• 06.30.15

    The Unfolding FIFA Scandal: Will the DOJ Show the Banks a Red Card?

    The worldwide soccer community has for years decried the brazen corruption that permeated FIFA, international soccer’s governing organization, but FIFA remained seemingly impervious . . . until now.

  • 05.29.15

    It’s an Absolute Privilege to Meet You!

    On May 15, 2015, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that an internal investigation report provided by Shell Oil Company to the DOJ in 2009 in connection with an FCPA investigation enjoys “absolute privilege” and therefore cannot be the basis for a defamation case against the company.

  • 04.21.15

    It’s Stifling in Here!

    On April 1, 2015, the SEC announced its first-ever enforcement action against a company for using restrictive language in confidentiality agreements with witnesses interviewed during internal investigations that has the potential to improperly stifle whistleblowers and impede the whistleblowing ...

  • 03.19.15

    The SEC’s Settlement with Goodyear: A Cautionary Tale

    In a settlement announced on February 24, 2015, the SEC found Goodyear to be in violation of the FCPA in connection with bribes paid by two foreign subsidiaries, one of which came into Goodyear’s ownership through acquisition.

  • 07.24.14

    Southern District Opinion Allows Seizure of Emails From Host Provider

    A Southern District of New York Magistrate Judge last week approved the government’s ability to conduct searches and seizures of entire email accounts stored by third-party providers like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Apple without having to establish probable cause that all the emails seized ...

  • 09.09.13

    Salinas v. Texas: Anything You Don’t Say Might Be Used Against You...

    On June 17, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in Salinas v. Texas, 133 S. Ct. 2174 (2013).

  • 03.28.13

    BSA Compliance Fails, Go to Jail

    For many years the government has encouraged directors and officers of corporations to ensure that they have robust compliance programs to detect and prevent violations of law.

  • 02.25.13

    A Roadmap for Audit Committees in Meeting the Challenges Posed by Enhanced Regulatory Scrutiny

    Audit committees must aid management in navigating an increasingly complex regulatory framework.

  • 01.09.13

    Confidential Investigations of Bank Activities

    Scenario:  In the course of a safety and soundness examination, the bank examiners identify certain unusual transactions and bring the issue to the attention of management.

  • 12.11.12

    Officer Liability for Bank Losses: The Jury Speaks

    In the mid-'80s Ivan Boesky was the harbinger of today's hedge fund operators. He functioned as an arbitrageur and amassed a very large fortune.



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