• 04.18.19

    Ad Groups Push Back on CCPA Bill

    Continuing the effort to push back against the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), ad industry groups are speaking out about the proposed legislation that would expand private rights of action and eliminate the law’s right to cure.

  • 04.18.19

    Filling The Gap With Coupons, Counsel Fees

    To settle a false advertising class action, The Gap will provide class members with 30 percent off coupons and make a $1 million payment to class counsel.

  • 04.18.19

    TGI Friday’s Says Potato Skin, Plaintiff Says Potato Flakes

    What makes a potato skin a potato skin?

  • 04.11.19

    SAG-AFTRA, JPC Reach Tentative Agreement

    The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Joint Policy Committee (JPC) announced on April 2 that they have reached a tentative agreement on the terms for successor television and audio commercials contracts.

  • 04.11.19

    Numbers Don’t Lie: NAD Referrals Result in Action

    The statistics demonstrate that an advertiser’s refusal to participate in the self-regulatory process is a losing proposition, according to an article authored by a National Advertising Division staff attorney.

  • 04.11.19

    Tech Scam Costs Office Depot, Software Company $35M

    For tricking consumers into spending millions of dollars on computer repairs and technical services by falsely claiming their software uncovered malware symptoms on consumers’ computers, Office Depot Inc. and its software supplier, Support.com, have agreed to pay a total of $35 million to the ...

  • 04.11.19

    Beer Brands Battle Over Corn Syrup

    In a not-so-surprising move in the escalating war between beer brands, MillerCoors has filed a false advertising suit against Anheuser-Busch accusing the company of spending tens of millions of dollars on an “extensive and pervasive advertising scheme designed to frighten consumers.”

  • 04.04.19

    Congress Faces Issues of Facial Recognition Technology

    Businesses would need the explicit consent of individuals before using facial recognition technology pursuant to new bipartisan legislation introduced in Congress.

  • 04.04.19

    Retailer Not Liable Under Lanham Act—This Time

    A new decision from a Texas federal court sounds a cautionary note for retailers about the potential for liability based on claims made on items sold in their stores.

  • 04.04.19

    NARB Shines a Light on ‘Double Offer’ Flashlight Claims

    In order to clearly and conspicuously disclose the discount or price offered for a second item and any associated charges or fees, the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) recommended that Telebrands Corp. modify its “double offer” and “buy one get one” claims.



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