• 10.11.18

    IAB Calls for Uniform National Privacy Standard

    Facing the requirements of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is pushing federal lawmakers to adopt a uniform national standard before a patchwork of state privacy laws develops.

  • 10.11.18

    From New York to Florida, Use Reviews With Caution

    An enforcement action by the New York Attorney General’s Office and a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provide an important reminder about making adequate disclosures when using online reviews.

  • 10.11.18

    Accountability Program Targets Collection of Geolocation Data

    In its latest decision, the Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program highlighted the need to provide consumers with “enhanced notice” when data is collected for interest-based advertising (IBA) on either a desktop computer or smartphone.

  • 10.04.18

    Study Not Playing Around With Gaming Loot Boxes

    A new study with concerns about “problem gambling” habits has pushed for a closer look at loot boxes, the in-game rewards popular in online gaming.

  • 10.04.18

    Full Speed Ahead for Graffiti Artist’s Suit Against GM

    Graffiti that appeared in a photograph on the General Motors website may be protected, a California federal court judge ruled when declining to dismiss a copyright infringement lawsuit against GM.

  • 10.04.18

    ‘Stay,’ NJ Court Orders Dog Food Manufacturer Facing False Ad Suit

    A dog food company served its customers a mixed bag of puffery and actionable claims, a New Jersey federal court determined when dismissing parts of a false advertising class while letting others move forward.

  • 10.04.18

    First Internet of Things Regulation Passes in California

    California is ready to take the lead yet again, this time with first-of-its-kind legislation regulating the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • 09.27.18

    Court Awards $10M in Pregnancy Test False Ad Suit

    A New York federal court adopted a “market share allocation” approach to calculate the damages and awarded almost $10 million in a false advertising suit brought by one pregnancy test manufacturer against another.

  • 09.27.18

    Massachusetts Court Runs Down Insurer’s Defense in Coverage Dispute

    An advertiser using the name of a famed marathoner without permission is entitled to insurance coverage for a lawsuit accusing the company of false association, the highest court in Massachusetts has ruled.

  • 09.27.18

    FTC Takes Action on Country of Origin Claims

    Taking on “Made in USA” claims, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed two new cases: one against a New York-based company advertising American-made hockey pucks and a second against related recreational and outdoor equipment companies from California.



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