Medicaid Enrollment Drops in NYC

Medicaid Mystery: Why Has Managed Care Enrollment Dropped?
– Crain's Health Pulse

Crain's Health Pulse quoted Manatt's Patricia Boozang, a senior managing director with Manatt Health, and Hailey Davis, a manager with Manatt Health, for an article about New York City's recent drop in Medicaid managed care plan enrollment.

"It's an unexpected and steep loss of enrollment, and it's not something we've seen in prior years," said Boozang. "We've been working with the state to try to figure out what's going on, but I don't think we have an answer yet."

Davis added, "There was a shift of folks who came from Medicaid and moved over to the essential plan Jan. 1, but what we're seeing are declines that could not be fully accounted for by the transition. We think it's beyond that."