Manatt Partner Speaks on Biggest Entertainment Cases in 2013

Manatt Partner Speaks on Biggest Entertainment Cases in 2013

"Hollywood Put Up Its Dukes in Big Litigation in 2012"
Daily Journal

December 24, 2012 - Manatt's Eric Custer, a partner in the firm's Entertainment Practice, spoke to the Daily Journal about Hollywood's hot-issue legal items in 2013, particularly concerning copyright termination.

The Daily Journal reports that the 1976 Copyright Act gave certain rights to creators and their heirs to regain control of their works after 35 years, and the first round of terminations take effect in 2013. Currently decisions are pending in the 9th Circuit on portions of cases over who owns Superman - publisher DC Comics or heirs of the original creators. DC Comics contends that the estates can't reclaim works that were developed while the creators were employees of the company.

"These cases are just so complicated and messy in different ways because they're very fact-specific," said Custer, who has filed termination notices for a number of musician clients. "But I expect to see courts fleshing out the work-for-hire provision and improved deal terms for those musicians who've been out of the business for a while" and just want a better deal.



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