• 09.03.19

    Orris, Lam and Dervan Write for Law360 on DHS Public Charge Rule and Potential Impact on ...

    Manatt Health counsel Allison Orris, Manatt Health director Alice Lam and Manatt Health associate Elizabeth Dervan wrote an article for Law360 on a final rule from the Department of Homeland Security that could impose significant barriers on immigrants applying to enter and remain in the U.S.

  • 09.03.19

    Owen and Washburn Write for Law360 on New Trends in Consumer Lending

    Manatt financial services senior advisor Jan Owen, financial services partner Charles Washburn, and financial services associate Taylor Steinbacher wrote an article for Law360 on new reports from the California Department of Business Oversight regarding the California Financing Law and the ...

  • 08.27.19

    Columns: Clarifying Regulatory Takings

    “As the U.S. Supreme Court concluded its term in June, it cleared away a major obstacle to proper litigation of regulatory taking cases.”

  • 08.23.19

    Is TCPA Doomed?

    “It has been well over a year since the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued its landmark opinion in ACA International v. FCC, 885 F.3d 687 (D.C. Cir. 2018), which struck down the overly expansive definition of an ‘automatic telephone dialing system,’ or ATDS, ...

  • 08.20.19

    Could Next Year Be The Beginning Of The End Of Traditional Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance?

    Manatt’s Michael Kolber, a partner with Manatt Health, wrote for The Hill on a new rule from the IRS allowing employers to give employees pretax compensation to buy individual marketplace health insurance, and this rule’s potential impact on the healthcare industry. 

  • 08.19.19

    Latest From the Tech Tonics Podcast: Navigating the Healthcare Highway With Megan Callahan, Lyft’s ...

    “When Megan Callahan was growing up, she was supposed to end up in healthcare— she didn’t even know there were alternatives. And she has spent her career and life in and around the field in more ways than she ever expected, as both an executive and a breast cancer patient. What ...

  • 08.06.19

    Columns: Stray Dancing

    “The narrowing of issues and limitation to original theories and arguments as a case ascends the appellate ladder would seem to be a bedrock principle. And yet … We wouldn’t be raising this general proposition at all unless there were exceptions.”  

  • 08.05.19

    Latest Tech Tonics Episode: Recursion’s Chris Gibson – Free Range Innovator

    “With confidence he attributes to his free-range childhood, Chris Gibson has followed his instincts and his heart, stepping away from the MD/PhD program in which he’s enrolled to co-found and lead Recursion Pharmaceuticals, one of the buzziest companies bringing AI to drug development. ...

  • 07.30.19

    Supreme Court: Ban on Immoral/Scandalous Trademarks Held Unconstitutional

    In Iancu v. Brunetti,1 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a federal ban on the registration of immoral or scandalous trademarks like FUCT (pronounced as F-U-C-T) violated the First Amendment. By a 6–3 vote, the Court ruled that the ban was unconstitutional because it discriminated based on ...

  • 07.25.19

    Takeaways From Regulators’ Digital Asset Custody Statement

    “The sudden attention to cryptocurrency and digital assets is striking after a few years of uncertainty and a fragmented regulatory environment that has left many investors vulnerable to fraudsters, hacking, lost passwords and unrecoverable assets in blockchain investing. The natural result ...



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