• 02.27.19

    The Amazon Deal: Above All No Zeal

    “The recriminations over the Amazon pullout have been as bitterly tribal as the debate over the project itself. I think it would be helpful to provide an analysis of the political arithmetic underlying this Amazon debate, in the context of the clash between the political traditions of Gotham ...

  • 12.09.18

    This Is What NYC’s Public Advocate Should Be

    “The Public Advocate’s race in New York City to succeed Tish James, following her election as Attorney General, provides a real opportunity for the voters of New York City to take control of this contest. If voters are looking for a lever to gain that control I have an idea: make the ...

  • 11.08.18

    NY Democrats are Taking Control. Now What?

    “New York Democrats now hold solid majorities in both the State Senate and the Assembly. They have won at least 38 Senate seats, including all five based in Nassau County and one from Suffolk, a gain of seven seats statewide, with two races to be determined (Republicans are narrowly ahead in ...

  • 09.23.18

    Through the Looking Glass of the 2018 Democratic Primaries

    Let’s try to glean from the returns of last week’s primaries a better sense of where the Democratic Party’s electorate stands in New York State. Instead of a single lesson, these returns suggest lessons emerging as a swirl.

  • 11.09.17

    Building Blocs: The Groups That Will Determine the Future of New York’s Elections

    Now that last Tuesday’s election returns have been tabulated, what are the enduring electoral lessons? Let’s explore that question by analyzing the four major contests in New York. First, in New York City, the fulcrum point in the electorate now lies with Latino and Asian voters. Shane ...

  • 09.24.17

    Are the Politics of Climate Change Finally Reaching a Turning Point?

    When Hurricane Harvey swept through South Texas last month, it inundated Houston and the surrounding coastline, displaced thousands, flattened homes and killed scores of residents. President Donald Trump tweeted about the “HISTORIC rainfall in Houston” and the ...

  • 08.01.17

    The Brooklyn DA Race and the Weight of Ken Thompson's Legacy

    The most intriguing and consequential primary in New York City this year will be the Democratic race for district attorney in Brooklyn. This primary will almost inevitably become a referendum on the reform measures put in place by the late Ken Thompson, who passed away last year.   In 2013, ...

  • 07.06.17

    Now Is Not the Time for Democrats to Bail on Nancy Pelosi

    U.S. Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-Garden City) has boldly called for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) to step down as House minority leader, tweeting, "It's time for Nancy Pelosi to go."   Rice was quoted in The New York Times on the GOP playbook of attacking Pelosi, "Is it ...

  • 06.11.17

    Class Warfare: Higher Education Is About to Become the Next Political Battlefield

    For decades, both nationally and here in New York, elected officials focused on higher education policies when they were thinking about their legacies, from former President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Higher Education Act to a grant program championed by U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell. But in terms of ...

  • 05.18.17

    Upcoming Special Elections Will Reveal Important Trends for 2018, 2020

    Special elections and elections in Western democracies offer lessons on the underlying dynamics in future general elections here in the United States.   Consider the surprise special election victories of Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown in January of 2010 for Ted Kennedy's Senate ...



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