• 06.09.21

    Charting the Mayoral Race – Part II

    In a follow up piece to his April 15 article for Empire Report, Bruce Gyory detailed what it would take to secure a Democratic primary win in New York’s mayoral race as the political landscape has progressed.

  • 04.15.21

    Charting The Mayoral Maze

    Bruce Gyory authored an article for the Empire Report detailing what it would take to secure a Democratic primary win in New York’s mayoral race.

  • 09.10.19

    Gyory Writes for Newsday on Date for New York 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary

    Manatt government and regulatory senior advisor Bruce Gyory wrote for Newsday on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature’s decision to hold the state’s 2020 Democratic presidential primary on April 28. Gyory said that while some in the Democratic Party wanted the ...

  • 07.11.19

    Opinion: Lessons From Queens DA Race

    “The dead heat between Tiffany Cabán and Melinda Katz in the Democratic primary for Queens district attorney — now amid a full manual recount — has befuddled many political pundits. Still, much can be gleaned from this veritable kaleidoscope of Queens politics.”  

  • 04.29.19

    Impeachment Is Not the Only Way

    “The framing of the public debate among House Democrats suggests that only craven political considerations would block an immediate move to impeach President Donald Trump. But there is a more principled rationale for not leaping to impeachment.”  

  • 02.27.19

    The Amazon Deal: Above All No Zeal

    “The recriminations over the Amazon pullout have been as bitterly tribal as the debate over the project itself. I think it would be helpful to provide an analysis of the political arithmetic underlying this Amazon debate, in the context of the clash between the political traditions of Gotham ...

  • 12.09.18

    This Is What NYC’s Public Advocate Should Be

    “The Public Advocate’s race in New York City to succeed Tish James, following her election as Attorney General, provides a real opportunity for the voters of New York City to take control of this contest. If voters are looking for a lever to gain that control I have an idea: make the ...

  • 11.08.18

    NY Democrats are Taking Control. Now What?

    “New York Democrats now hold solid majorities in both the State Senate and the Assembly. They have won at least 38 Senate seats, including all five based in Nassau County and one from Suffolk, a gain of seven seats statewide, with two races to be determined (Republicans are narrowly ahead in ...

  • 09.23.18

    Through the Looking Glass of the 2018 Democratic Primaries

    Let’s try to glean from the returns of last week’s primaries a better sense of where the Democratic Party’s electorate stands in New York State. Instead of a single lesson, these returns suggest lessons emerging as a swirl.

  • 11.09.17

    Building Blocs: The Groups That Will Determine the Future of New York’s Elections

    Now that last Tuesday’s election returns have been tabulated, what are the enduring electoral lessons? Let’s explore that question by analyzing the four major contests in New York. First, in New York City, the fulcrum point in the electorate now lies with Latino and Asian voters. Shane ...



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