• 05.21.21

    Ninth Circuit Sends Statutory Employment Claims to Arbitration

    In a new decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit announced a standard for when an employee has waived her rights to judicial remedies—and sent the plaintiff’s employment dispute to arbitration.

  • 05.21.21

    SEC Awards $50M to Joint Whistleblowers

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced an award of more than $50 million to a pair of joint whistleblowers, adding to the highest awards the agency has doled out since the program began in 2012.

  • 05.21.21

    COVID-Related Legislation in California

    In California legislative updates, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 93 into law, requiring that hospitality industry employers offer workers laid off due to COVID-19 positions based on a preference system, while lawmakers continue to debate, in the form of AB 650, a retention bonus for health care ...

  • 05.21.21

    Federal Law Doesn’t Preempt AB 5, Ninth Circuit Rules

    In the latest chapter of the independent contractor or employee saga in California, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in California Trucking Ass’n v. Bonta, ruled that federal law doesn’t preempt AB 5, the state law codifying the “ABC test” established by the ...

  • 04.29.21

    Employers Required to Provide Paid Leave for COVID-19 Vaccine Shots

    On March 12, 2021, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law immediately-effective legislation requiring New York employers to provide employees with paid leave “for a sufficient period of time” to receive COVID-19 vaccine injections (“Vaccine Leave”).

  • 04.14.21

    California Resurrects COVID Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

    California employers, take note: Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law a bill that not only brought back supplemental paid sick leave for COVID-19-related absences but also expanded coverage.  

  • 04.14.21

    Illinois—Joining California—Wants Pay Data

    Employers are facing growing requirements to share pay data, with Illinois joining California in enacting a new law mandating transparency.  

  • 04.14.21

    DOL Withdraws Joint Employer, Independent Contractor Rules

    The Department of Labor intends to withdraw the Joint Employer and Independent Contractor final rules, the agency signaled in recently filed Notices of Prospective Rulemaking.  

  • 04.14.21

    Seventh Circuit: No Religious Discrimination by Retailer in Scheduling Dispute

    A retail store busy on Fridays and Saturdays did not engage in religious discrimination when it refused to accommodate a Seventh-day Adventist’s schedule, the U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit recently determined.

  • 03.30.21

    Remote Work Due to COVID-19 Triggers Compliance Issues

    The COVID-driven prevalence of remote work arrangements and the expected widespread post-COVID continuation of this trend raise a major compliance issue for companies.



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