• 08.13.13

    EEOC Targets Cancer Discrimination

    Filing two new lawsuits, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is cracking down on employers allegedly discriminating against workers with cancer.

  • 07.30.13

    In NYC It Pays To Be Sick

    Beginning next year, employees in New York City will be entitled to paid sick leave pursuant to a new, somewhat complex statutory scheme.

  • 07.18.13

    D.C. Circuit Flips DOL’s Flip-Flop On Mortgage Loan officers

    Mortgage loan officers may qualify for the administrative exemption from the overtime wage provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals held July 2, striking down a 2010 Administrator’s Interpretation from the Department of Labor.

  • 07.03.13

    Supreme Court Sides With Employers in Title VII Suits

    Capping off a term of big decisions with employer-friendly results, the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on two major employment issues in a pair of Title VII cases that determined retaliation claims require plaintiffs to prove their case according to traditional “but for” causation and ...

  • 06.19.13

    Exempt or Nonexempt, That is The Question

    Employers who believe in multitasking could be facing unpaid overtime suits from managers after the California Court of Appeal ruled that a grocery store manager could not simultaneously perform both exempt and nonexempt tasks.

  • 06.05.13

    From the Hill: FMLA Amendment and Anti-Arbitration Legislation

    Lawmakers on the Hill are considering two employment-related bills that would make changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act and invalidate pre-dispute arbitration agreements.

  • 05.28.13

    The Transition Is Over: Time For The New I-9

    The transition to the new I-9 form should now be complete for employers, with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) declining to accept old forms after May 7.

  • 04.29.13

    The ACA’s Effects on the Employer Insurance Market

    Employers start by asking one big question. Are they currently excluding a significant number of employees to whom they now will need to offer coverage?

  • 03.28.13

    What Does the ACA Mean for Employers?

    The primary purpose of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to move the United States toward more universal healthcare coverage.

  • 03.27.13

    Pregnancy Disability Leave: Not a Matter of Simple Math

    Recent case law confirms the need for employers to be cautious about mechanically applying pregnancy disability leave laws without considering the implications of the Fair Employment and Housing Act.



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