• 11.26.13

    Policyholders, Stand Your Ground

    Insurers make a living by limiting their liability and costs, and understand all too well how to exploit the claims process to accomplish these ends.

  • 11.13.13

    In A New York State Of Mind . . . For Expanded Vandalism Coverage

    Property owners in New York with coverage for vandalism will be pleased with the Georgitsi Realty LLC v. Penn-Star Insurance Company ruling, which adopted a broad definition of the term in favor of insureds.

  • 10.30.13

    California Insurance Dreamin’

    Courts in California have been busy recently in the area of insurance recovery, with all four cases discussed in this edition of the newsletter decided in the Golden State.

  • 10.18.13

    New York Court Rules That Conflict Between Exclusion and Grant of Coverage Created Ambiguity

    In a coverage dispute arising out of the Madoff debacle, a financial bond affirmatively provided coverage for losses resulting from dishonest acts of any outside investment advisor named in the attached schedule but also sought to exclude coverage for losses arising out of dishonest acts of ...

  • 10.02.13

    Virginia Federal Court Rules Under D&O Policy Search Warrant and Subpoena Trigger Defense Obligation

    With increasing governmental investigations relating to government contracting, foreign business operations under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, fair advertising and consumer issues under the purview of the FTC and state agencies and otherwise, the question of what event in an investigation ...

  • 09.18.13

    Pollution Claims–Apparently Here to Stay

    With the advent of the “absolute” pollution exclusion in commercial general liability (“CGL”) policies in the mid-1980s, many in the insurance industry predicted that pollution-related insurance claims soon would be a thing of the past.

  • 09.12.13

    Summer Ends on a High Note for Policyholders

    Summer may be winding down, but the courts are still smiling on policyholders. The three cases discussed in this week’s newsletter present some big wins for insureds.

  • 08.21.13

    Insurers Can Be Liable for Unfair Competition in California

    The California Supreme Court has declared that insurers can be liable for unfair competition suits if a policyholder can allege violations of other state statutes or common law.

  • 08.07.13

    Pony Up, Texas Court Tells Insurers

    Underlying lawsuits involving a "mare leasing" scheme must be defended by two insurance carriers, according a recent opinion from the Texas Court of Appeals.

  • 07.26.13

    Three Wins and A New Rule

    In this edition of the Manatt newsletter, we take a look at several new cases that examine an array of important insurance issues.