• 04.12.17

    April 2017

    While a series of high-level meetings and public statements helped to reduce bilateral tensions last month, confused signals on the Administration’s intentions with respect to NAFTA renegotiations and on the balance of power between President Trump’s protectionist and more pragmatic ...

  • 03.09.17

    March 2017

    Tense is the word that best describes U.S.-Mexico relations during February.

  • 02.02.17

    February 2017

    January was a truly extraordinary month in U.S.-Mexico relations, with the relationship between the two countries arguably deteriorating to its most uncertain and tense point in decades.

  • 01.11.17

    January 2017

    This longer-than-normal update covers an eventful few weeks in the Trump transition and in Mexico.

  • 12.20.16

    December 2016

    The persistent and strident attacks on Mexico and Mexicans that peppered candidate Donald J. Trump’s election rhetoric have been toned down in the transition. But this more moderate stance still includes a commitment to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, deport millions of ...

  • 11.11.16

    The Impact of the U.S. Presidential Election on U.S.-Mexico Relations

    On November 8, the people of the United States elected Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. We write to share some preliminary reflections and analysis on how we view this election impacting U.S.-Mexico bilateral relations, with an emphasis on day-to-day commerce, trade ...

  • 11.08.16

    November 2016

    October news was dominated by cabinet changes and progress on the 2017 budget. Senator Raul Cervantes replaced Arely Gomez as attorney general, reflecting renewed efforts to stem crime and corruption in Mexico.

  • 10.06.16

    October 2016

    On September 8, President Enrique Peña Nieto presented an austere 2017 budget package to Congress that reduces spending by Mex$239.7 billion when compared with the 2016 budget, and includes no tax increases.

  • 09.08.16

    September 2016

    On September 7 President Peña Nieto reshuffled the heart of his cabinet, accepting the resignation of Finance Minister Luis Videgaray and replacing him with Social Development Secretary (and former Foreign Minister) Jos é Antonio Meade.

  • 08.01.16

    August 2016

    As expected, the GOP platform calls for the construction of a wall to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, and Donald J. Trump’s acceptance speech reiterated his depiction of NAFTA as “one of the worst economic deals ever made by our country.”