• 02.11.20

    Instagram Claims Should Be Discontinued, NAD Recommends

    Claims found in an Instagram post about an “on-the-go” dietary supplement should be discontinued, the National Advertising Division (NAD) recommended in a recent decision.

  • 02.11.20

    FDA Will Study Impact of Influencers on Drug Market

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced plans to consider the impact of influencers and payment disclosures on the prescription drug market with a pair of new studies.

  • 02.11.20

    Better Ads Standard for Videos of 8 Minutes or Less

    The Coalition for Better Ads, a group of companies and international trade organizations that aims to improve consumers’ experience with online advertising, announced on February 5 that it has developed an international Better Ads Standard applicable to short-form videos.

  • 02.11.20

    Proposed Washington Gambling Law Changes Aimed at Keeping State Video Gaming Industry Around

    In response to the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Kater v. Churchill Downs Inc., Washington State’s legislature is attempting to redefine what constitutes “illegal gambling games” within the meaning of the state’s Recovery of Money Lost at Gambling Act (RMLGA). Through ...

  • 02.05.20

    NAD Chews On Meal Kit Delivery Service Claims

    A claim of “more flexibility” had adequate support, but other challenged claims—such as “more choice” and “Rated #1”—should be discontinued, the National Advertising Division (NAD) recommended in a case that involved the Relish Labs’ Home Chef ...

  • 02.05.20

    State AGs Settle Over PayPal’s Lacking Donation Disclosures

    A group of 23 state regulators reached a deal with PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) to settle allegations that it failed to provide adequate disclosures and information to consumers making donations through the platform.  

  • 02.05.20

    ‘Krab Mix’ Claims Are Clawless, Court Rules

    A deft use of the letter “k” enabled P.F. Chang’s China Bistro to dodge a false advertising lawsuit alleging it failed to serve customers real crabmeat.  

  • 01.28.20

    Influencer Post Lacked Necessary Disclosure, Says British Ad Authority

    The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has cracked down on influencer advertising, finding that even if a company did not explicitly require the influencer to post on its behalf, the simple fact that the individual has a relationship with the brand still must be disclosed.

  • 01.28.20

    Beer Ads Up to Code, Self-Regulatory Body Concludes

    A beer company’s ad campaign did not run afoul of the industry’s self-regulatory principles, the Code Compliance Review Board (CCRB, or the Board) of the Beer Institute recently determined.

  • 01.28.20

    Models’ False Ad Suit Against Strip Clubs Moves Forward

    A Connecticut federal court refused to dismiss Lanham Act false advertising claims filed by a group of models against two strip clubs that used their images without permission.



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