• 06.28.18

    Accountability Program Emphasizes Transparency in New Decisions

    Marking its 89th decision, the Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program released two decisions addressing the issue of transparency.

  • 06.28.18

    DJ Khaled Files Suit to Protect Son’s Name

    In an effort to protect the rights of his “instantly famous” infant son, DJ Khaled filed a new lawsuit in New York federal court against a company attempting to register trademarks of his son’s name.

  • 06.28.18

    Court Refuses to Put a Ring on Defendant’s Ascertainable Loss Argument

    Can a defendant dodge liability for false advertising by arguing that the plaintiff failed to allege she paid more for the product at issue than it was actually worth?  

  • 06.28.18

    Vermont Enacts First Data Broker Law

    Vermont became the first state in the country to pass legislation to regulate data brokers, when it mandated that they register with a state regulator and establish minimum security standards.

  • 06.21.18

    NAD Touts Shortened Timeline for Cases

    Celebrating her first anniversary as director of the National Advertising Division, Laura Brett highlighted the reduced timeline for cases the self-regulatory body has under consideration.

  • 06.21.18

    FTC Gives Tips for Online Giving Portals

    What do online charitable giving portals need to know to avoid violating advertising law principles?

  • 06.21.18

    Time to Renew Compliance With California Auto Renewal Law

    Companies that offer subscription-based plans should mark their calendars for July 1, when changes to California’s Automatic Renewal Law take effect.

  • 06.21.18

    NARB Wrinkles Its Nose at Deodorant Claims

    The National Advertising Review Board wrinkled its nose at claims made by Schmidt’s Deodorant Co. that its products absorb or help absorb moisture or wetness and provide protection against wetness, and recommended they be discontinued.

  • 06.14.18

    NAD Cleans Up Vacuum Claims

    Robot vacuums battled it out before the National Advertising Division, with the self-regulatory body ultimately siding with iRobot in a challenge to claims made by its competitor, Bobsweep USA, about the bObsweep vacuum.

  • 06.14.18

    ‘Do Not Track Kids’ Tracks Back to Congress

    The Do Not Track Kids Act has made a return to Congress, with lawmakers hoping the third time will be the charm and the protections of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) will be extended to children up to age 15.



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