• 03.09.18

    Consent Revocation a Factual Inquiry Precluding Summary Judgment

    A federal judge in the Middle District of Florida denied cross motions for summary judgment in Patterson v. Ally Financial, Inc., holding that whether the plaintiff effectively revoked consent to receive calls “is a fact-sensitive inquiry” precluding summary judgment in favor of either ...

  • 03.09.18

    Eleventh Circuit’s Decision on Partial Revocation Stands

    The Eleventh Circuit declined to reconsider its decision in Schweitzer v. Comenity Bank, denying the defendant’s motion to rehear the case.

  • 01.24.18

    2017 in Review: Significant TCPA Litigation and Regulatory Developments

    Undeniably, 2017 was a big year for the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), from the transition of power at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to a slew of cases directly impacting TCPA compliance and litigation.

  • 01.24.18

    Clear Evidence of Consent Defeats TCPA Action

    Finding “uncontroverted” evidence of consent, a federal district judge from the Eastern District of Michigan granted summary judgment in favor of the defendant in a TCPA action.

  • 01.24.18

    Court Rejects Plaintiff’s Efforts to Expand Discovery Beyond Fax

    Prohibiting the plaintiff from broader discovery based on “mere speculation” about the existence of other fax advertisements, a Pennsylvania federal court limited discovery in a putative TCPA class action to the fax received by the plaintiff.

  • 01.24.18

    Dinner Invite Fax Could Be an Ad

    A three-page fax inviting the recipients to a dinner program could constitute an advertisement and was sufficient to establish standing, an Illinois federal court has ruled in denying a defendant’s motion to dismiss a TCPA suit.

  • 01.24.18

    Table for Two: Restaurant’s Text Did Not Violate TCPA

    A text message related to a transaction initiated by the plaintiff could not violate the TCPA, a California federal court held in dismissing a putative class action.

  • 01.24.18

    Verizon Wins Summary Judgment in VoIP Calls Case

    A federal district judge in Massachusetts issued a summary judgment ruling in favor of Verizon in a putative TCPA class action that promises to fan the flames in the growing debate over TCPA liability for calls made to numbers assigned to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, particularly ...

  • 12.20.17

    Questions of Consent Preclude Class Certification

    Finding that too many questions remained about individual consent, an Illinois federal court judge denied certification of a class that allegedly received fax advertisements.

  • 12.20.17

    FCC Permits Some Robocall Blocking

    In a report and order, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved new rules that will allow phone companies to block illegal robocalls originating from certain types of numbers.



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