• 09.20.16

    SPECIAL FOCUS: Responses to Retail Webinar Attendee Questions

    During our hugely successful “Avoiding TCPA Pitfalls: Essential Guidance for Retailers” webinar this summer, we received dozens of questions from attendees, most of which we were not able to address during the closing minutes of the presentation. But, we held on to the questions and ...

  • 08.16.16

    FCC Issues Report and Order on Budget Act Exemptions

    On August 11, 2016, the Federal Communications Commission issued a Report and Order implementing Section 301 of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, which amended the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by excepting from the Act's consent requirement robocalls "made solely to collect a debt ...

  • 07.19.16

    FCC: U.S. Government Is Not a Person Under TCPA

    In response to petitions filed by three government contractors seeking clarification that the federal government and its agents were exempt from liability under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Federal Communications Commission issued a declaratory ruling on July 5, finding that the ...

  • 06.21.16

    Lyft Swerves to Avoid TCPA Claim, But Suit Continues

    A Washington federal court issued a mixed decision for Telephone Consumer Protection Act defendant Lyft recently by allowing the suit to move forward on state law claims, but ruling that the ride-sharing company could not be liable under the federal statute for an advertising campaign that allowed ...

  • 05.24.16

    Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins: What Does It Mean for TCPA Lawsuits?

    As reported in our recent TCPA Connect, on May 16 the United States Supreme Court issued its highly anticipated ruling in Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins.

  • 05.17.16

    BREAKING: SCOTUS Rules on Spokeo, Significant Implications for TCPA Cases

    The Supreme Court of the United States ruled yesterday in Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins that a plaintiff must show an injury in fact before pursuing a claim for violation of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a holding that could have major repercussions for consumer plaintiffs pursuing claims ...

  • 04.20.16

    Podium P.O.V.: Observations From Marc Roth on PACE's Annual Convention

    I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Professional Association for Customer Engagement annual convention in Orlando.

  • 03.25.16

    State AGs Call on Legislators to Repeal TCPA Amendment

    On behalf of their consumer residents, a group of 25 state Attorneys General sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation urging the lawmakers to pass the HANGUP Act.

  • 02.23.16

    FCC Confirms Different TCPA Liability Analysis for Text, Fax Broadcasters

    Denying a petition filed by Club Texting, Inc., the Federal Communications Commission said it will keep its current liability analysis under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which separates text broadcasting from fax broadcasting.

  • 01.22.16

    Supreme Court Holds for Plaintiff on Rule 68 Issue, but Suggests Alternatives for Mootness

    In a 6-3 decision on January 20, the U.S. Supreme Court provided clarity regarding the impact of Rule 68 offers of judgment and settlement offers in class actions by issuing its eagerly awaited decision in Campbell-Ewald Co. v. Gomez.



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