• 11.08.11

    Super Committee May Target $5 Million Gift Tax Exemption for 2012

    As we wind up year 2011 and consider year-end tax planning, there may be an added incentive to accelerate your long-term gift planning to the end of 2011 instead of waiting until 2012.

  • 09.07.11

    Planning to Pass the Baton: Family Wealth Transfers

    If you have accumulated a substantial investment portfolio, or you own a successful business, there may come a time when you start planning to transfer ownership of the investments, or business, to younger generations of your family.

  • 01.06.10

    Federal Estate Tax Repealed Effective

    The specter of federal estate tax repeal on January 1, 2010 has been looming since the enactment of the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act of 2001 (“EGTRA”).



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