• 05.09.22

    CMS Revives Standardized Plans and Federal Network Adequacy Review

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released the final 2023 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters, the annual rule outlining key policies for the individual and group health insurance markets for plan year 2023 and beyond.

  • 05.05.22

    State Policy Levers to Improve Access to Telebehavioral Health

    The United States continues to face a behavioral health crisis that has worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 05.03.22

    Improved Method for Overcoming Hacking by Turning On and Off Authentication Held Patent Eligible

    In CosmoKey Solutions GMBH & Co. KG v. Duo Security LLC, the Federal Circuit held that an improved method for overcoming computer hacking by turning on and off the authentication process was patent eligible.

  • 05.03.22

    Cyber Beware: E-Gaming and Cyber-Criminality

    Recent events illustrate that the e-gaming industry—developers, publishers, esports leagues and teams, and the financial machinations behind them—are significant targets for cyberattacks, theft and cyber-criminality.

  • 05.02.22

    FTC Proposes Expansion of TSR That May Impact SMB Lending

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a press release announcing a notice of proposed rulemaking and an advance notice of proposed rulemaking seeking public comment on possible changes to the Telemarketing Sales Rule  “extending protections against telemarketing tricks and ...

  • 05.01.22

    The Manatt State Cost Containment Update

    This Manatt series, to be released quarterly through 2022, shares the latest updates on state cost growth benchmarking programs and other data-driven initiatives states are undertaking to contain health care cost growth.

  • 05.01.22

    State Benchmarking Updates: The State of Play

    See the latest legislative and programmatic health care cost growth benchmarking developments across states.

  • 05.01.22

    Manatt Spotlights

    In each edition, Manatt will feature “deep dive” topics that share new cross-cutting benchmarking program developments as states seek to evolve and advance their cost growth benchmarking programs to meet new regulatory and landscape needs.

  • 05.01.22

    Health Data Corner

    The Health Data Corner compiles the latest state health care data capacity innovations and policy developments, as well as showcases novel data analytic use cases emerging from states.

  • 05.01.22

    Additional Resources

    Browse reports, white papers, and other resources that states, thought leaders, and others have recently published on cost growth benchmarking and improving health care affordability.



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