• 07.11.19

    Manatt, Vorhaus Digital Strategy Study Reveals Traditional TV Is Not Dead

    We are pleased to announce, in conjunction with Vorhaus Advisors, our release of the inaugural Digital Strategy Study, which analyzes the state of media and content consumption.

  • 06.18.19

    Leveraging Medicaid and CHIP to Transform Pediatric Care

    Nearly half of children under age 3 in the United States get their health insurance through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

  • 05.22.19

    Enhancing Access to Family Planning Services in Medicaid

    Medicaid is the primary source of family planning coverage in the United States, accounting for 75 percent of total public expenditures for family planning services.

  • 05.22.19

    Federal Guidance on Monitoring and Evaluating Work Requirements

    In March 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued detailed guidance for states on the monitoring and evaluation of “eligibility and coverage” Section 1115 Medicaid demonstrations. The new guidance provides standard monitoring metrics and recommended research ...

  • 05.21.19

    Faces of MassHealth: Portrait of a Diverse Population

    Serving over 1.8 million Massachusetts residents, MassHealth provides access to healthcare services for people of varying ages and life circumstances across the Commonwealth.

  • 05.08.19

    Spotlight on North Carolina: Ending the Opioid Epidemic

    North Carolina has fought the opioid epidemic with an array of public- and private-sector initiatives. In 2017, Governor Roy Cooper released the state’s Opioid Action Plan developed in collaboration with community partners.

  • 05.08.19

    Spotlight on Mississippi: Ending the Opioid Epidemic

    Mississippi’s opioid epidemic follows national trends. Even as the number of opioid prescriptions dispensed in the state has steadily dropped, deaths due to opioid-related overdoses have continued to increase.

  • 05.06.19

    Aligning Care Delivery to Emerging Payment Models

    Hospitals and health systems across the country are redesigning care delivery to improve quality and outcomes, enhance the patient experience, reduce costs and, ultimately, produce better population health.

  • 04.29.19

    Promoting Comprehensive Healthcare Delivery for Children

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation will fund a model of care, Integrated Care for Kids, that will test whether alternative payment models can promote closer integration across children's physical and behavioral healthcare, social services and educational services in up to eight ...

  • 04.22.19

    State Medicaid Buy-Ins: Key Questions to Consider

    Lawmakers across the country are considering “Medicaid buy-in” programs to stabilize the Affordable Care Act insurance market and offer a coverage option that is more affordable and accessible than current options in the individual and employer markets. The concept of Medicaid buy-in ...



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