Comprehensive 50-State Survey: State Medicaid Programs and 340B


Lead Author: Helen R. Pfister, Partner, Manatt Health

To help you manage effectively through the intricacies of 340B, Manatt Health has developed a 50-state survey on 340B, analyzing how states reimburse 340B covered entities and contract pharmacies for 340B drugs, and the steps states are taking to avoid duplicate discounts.

Based on a comprehensive review of statutory, regulatory and subregulatory guidance issued by state Medicaid agencies, as well as direct input from state officials, the survey provides a deep dive into 340B issues and approaches in each state, including:

  • The mechanisms state Medicaid programs use to identify 340B-purchased drugs for exclusion from rebate requests to manufacturers
  • How much state Medicaid programs reimburse covered entities and contract pharmacies for 340B-purchased drugs billed directly to the Medicaid program
  • Whether the Medicaid program contains requirements for how much MCOs may reimburse covered entities and contract pharmacies for 340B-purchased drugs billed to MCOs
  • How reimbursement for 340B-purchased drugs in any context differs from reimbursement for non-340B drugs

The survey includes an individual profile for each state, formatted in an easy-to-read chart. With wide variations among states, this is a critical tool for gaining a full understanding of 340B practices and requirements across the country—in one complete resource.

Click here to access a free infographic sharing key findings. 

For more information on the survey, click here to read our complete press release.



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