• 03.11.20

    State Medicaid and CHIP Strategies to Respond to the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

    As concerns regarding widespread COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection in the United States increase, state Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) agencies are evaluating how to leverage their public health insurance programs to respond.

  • 03.06.20

    Evolving Physician-Practice Ownership Models

    Physician practice acquisitions and/or equity investment by nontraditional players, such as health plans, private equity investors, venture capitalists and large employers, is a growing trend. These new entrants give physicians additional options for where and how to work.

  • 03.06.20

    The Fiscal Impact of the Trump Administration’s Medicaid Block Grant Initiative

    The Trump administration recently invited states to apply for the new Healthy Adult Opportunity Medicaid demonstration initiative, which lets states opt in to a block grant funding model for a portion of their Medicaid enrollees in exchange for fewer federal rules. By capping federal funding, the ...

  • 02.20.20

    Paying for Value in Behavioral Health

    In recent years, state Medicaid programs and the U.S. healthcare system as a whole have shifted from traditional fee-for-service payment methodologies toward value-based purchasing (VBP) models. To date, most VBP efforts have focused on physical health. Given the significant share of Medicaid ...

  • 02.06.20

    Bipartisan Rx for America’s Health Care: A Practical Path to Reform

    Tom Daschle, Co-Chair, Former Senate Majority Leader, Co-Founder, BPC Andy Slavitt, Co-Chair, Senior Advisor, BPC, Former Acting Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Sheila Burke, Fellow, BPC, Strategic Advisor, Baker ...

  • 02.06.20

    Infographic: The Building Blocks of CCPA Compliance

    Manatt’s privacy and data security group has released a new infographic covering some building blocks to help prepare your business for the California Consumer Privacy Act. Check out the infographic below to learn more about this important legislation and stay up to date with all our ...

  • 02.04.20

    CMS Guidance Authorizes Medicaid Demonstration Applications That Cap Federal Funding: Implications f

    On January 30, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released long-anticipated guidance that invites states to pursue capped funding demonstrations for the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion population as well as optional, non-elderly, non-disabled adults. States that pursue such ...

  • 01.31.20

    Strategies to Expand Transparency, Enhance Competition and Control Costs: A Toolkit for Insurance Re

    State insurance regulators play many roles in making health insurance more available and affordable to consumers. Two that stand out are enhancing transparency and promoting competition. Every state department of insurance (DOI) has a consumer complaint hotline and provides information to help ...

  • 01.30.20

    Medicare Part D Redesign With Out-of-Pocket Caps

    During the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission’s (MedPAC’s) January 16 public session, MedPAC staff continued their drumbeat for reforming the Part D benefit following recommendations previously made in their June 2016 Report to Congress. Continuing themes include eliminating the ...

  • 12.11.19

    Compliance Checklist for Debt Collection Using Text Messaging

    Text messaging can be an effective method for debt collection, but before you deploy your collection teams, make sure your processes are compliant. Manatt has created an accessible checklist to inform your text messaging practices in the area of debt collection.



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