Issue Spotting Common Policy and Operational Barriers to Ex Parte Renewals: State Assessment Tool

Prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health and Value Strategies program

Many states are actively working to make changes to their systems to enable ex parte renewals at the individual level and implement mitigation strategies to ensure eligible Medicaid and CHIP enrollees retain coverage until those system changes are complete. As states take on this work, they have an opportunity to assess end-to-end renewal functionality to identify additional policy and operational changes that could increase ex parte rates and streamline renewals (and relatedly, perhaps, streamline initial eligibility determinations).

This tool is intended to: (1) help states identify common policies and/or operational processes that, if adjusted, could improve ex parte rates and renewal functionality, and (2) facilitate internal, cross-divisional Medicaid agency discussions across policy, operational, and information technology systems.

To access the full state assessment tool, view here.



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