Incident Response and Internal Investigations and Crisis Management and Communications

Incident Investigations and Crisis Management

Our team routinely leads clients through security and privacy crises and challenges. We have managed responses to myriad sophisticated and complex data security threats and cyberattacks, including incidents involving theft of proprietary information and protected data; network intrusions; state-sponsored attacks; competitive and corporate espionage and theft; lost and stolen electronic devices; ransomware and extortion; business email compromises and phishing attacks; white, black and grey hat security disclosures; insider threats and employee misuse; and coding errors and inadvertent disclosures. Our end-to-end practice spans the full spectrum of proactive and reactive data security services.

  • Security incident response. Direct and manage investigations and incident response related to security incidents and cyber risks—including retaining and partnering with forensic firms and security teams—to mitigate financial, legal, operational and reputational risks.
  • Internal investigations. Conduct and counsel clients on internal investigations related to alleged or suspected privacy and security complaints and violations, including insider threats.
  • Crisis management and public relations. Develop and implement comprehensive communications strategies designed to mitigate potential liability and reputational and economic damage related to security and privacy incidents.
  • Regulatory and law enforcement engagement. Engage and liaise with state, federal and international regulators and law enforcement as to cybersecurity incidents and related threats.
Other Reactive Services
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