Manatt Entertainment’s U.S. Music Streaming Royalty Calculator Featured in Various Top Publications

Billboard Presents the Royalty Calculator: See What Your Streams Are Worth
– Billboard

The launch of Manatt Entertainment’s Music Streaming Royalty Calculator for U.S. revenue was featured in an article by Billboard. The calculator—which comes as part of Manatt’s continued efforts to serve the music industry and its creators—is based on an analysis of data collected from direct source payors and shows how much Spotify and Apple Music pays out to creators and/or rights holders for each stream, the article noted. 

Manatt Entertainment leader Jordan Bromley discussed the importance of providing accurate, up-to-date and easily accessible streaming revenue information, saying, “Gone are the days where artists cannot fathom the value of a stream. Knowledge is power, data is paramount, and simple answers and insights are now available for all. This offering is just one of many coming to help every creator and rights holder understand the true value of what they own.”  

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