• 02.17.16

    How to Spot Investment Opportunities in Digital Media

    In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg tried on a prototype headset from a VR startup called Oculus VR. The experience was transformative and Zuckerberg saw the massive potential for VR/AR, including the impact on social media and gaming.

  • 01.20.16

    Top 10 Predictions for 2016

    It's a new year, and that, of course, means it's pundit time. Last year's headline story in digital media was the rapid ascension and burgeoning number of over-the-top (OTT), cord-free streaming video services, led by Netflix.

  • 12.16.15

    2015 Digital Media Year in Review

    Yes, it's that time of year again. Nostalgia and reflection time—taking a look at this past year in digital media.

  • 11.18.15

    Manatt Digital Media—November Newsletter

    This month's newsletter features highlights from the Siemer Summit in Beverly Hills, the SLUSH conference in Helsinki and conversations with the founders of emerging tech start-ups in sensor data technology and virtual reality.

  • 10.21.15

    Digital Health Update

    In this newsletter, we highlight some of the ways digital technologies are transforming healthcare and the opportunities and challenges they present to individuals and businesses.

  • 09.23.15

    Q3 Digital Video Update

    In this month's newsletter we highlight some of the latest activities in the digital video space.

  • 08.19.15

    So You Want Music in Your Video: 5 Things to Remember so You Don't Get Sued

    In this edition, we focus on the world of music, exploring the opportunities for artist-fan engagement, examining the conflicts between piracy and artist livelihood, and, for creators, providing guidance on navigating the use of music in your own work.

  • 07.21.15

    Digital Media's Top Deals, Developments—Q1/Q2 2015—Your Cheat Sheet and Our Predictions

    In this edition, we reflect upon the key digital media events of the first half of 2015 and present the major deals, developments and trends across video, music, gaming and virtual reality.

  • 06.17.15

    VR—Power, Potential, Risks . . .

    In MDM’s previous newsletter on Virtual Reality (VR), we covered some of the basics and gave an overview of the VR landscape.

  • 05.13.15

    The Growth and Evolution of the Digital Economy

    Social media, livestreaming, feature films, original programming, virtual reality—these are all areas new to the old world of YouTube, and areas into which digital-first media companies and influencers are quickly expanding into as they evolve their business and content models.



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