• 03.18.15

    California TCPA Suit Moves Forward

    A putative class action alleging violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by Bebe Stores will move forward after a California federal court judge denied defendant’s motion to dismiss.

  • 02.20.15

    FCC Chair Announces New Net Neutrality Regs

    The battle over net neutrality took a new turn when Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his intention to reclassify broadband service as a utility as part of a new proposal that will provide “the strongest open Internet protections” possible.

  • 02.12.15

    Internet of Things Report Issued by FTC

    Emphasizing the importance of protecting consumer privacy and security, the Federal Trade Commission recently released its staff report on the Internet of Things.

  • 02.06.15

    FTC Consumer Protection Head Addresses Do’s, Don’ts for Privacy

    Calling the current advertising climate “a technological revolution at the intersection of marketing and consumer data,” Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Jessica Rich discussed the importance of protecting the privacy of consumers who make ...

  • 01.15.15

    SPECIAL FOCUS: Fifth Circuit Clarifies the Law on False Advertising Involving “Scientific Debates”

    In 2013, the Second Circuit issued an important opinion in Ony, Inc. v. Cornerstone Therapeutics, Inc., a false advertising case.

  • 12.24.14

    Privacy Authorities to App Marketplaces: Post Links to Privacy Policies

    An international coalition of 23 privacy regulators released a plea to app marketplaces to act like “a responsible corporate citizen” and make it mandatory for developers to post links to privacy policies prior to download when the app collects personal information.

  • 12.18.14

    VPPA Suit Fails for Lack of PII

    The most recent attempt to apply the Video Privacy Protection Act to 21st-century technology hit a roadblock when a federal court judge tossed the suit.

  • 11.19.14

    Body of Message Satisfied Spam Law, California Appellate Court Rules

    In dismissing a putative class action against a marketing company, a California appellate court ruled that as long as the sender’s name can be determined from the body of an e-mail message, the name used in the header address field of the message is not misleading.

  • 11.13.14

    Record $10M Data Security Fine by FCC

    In the agency’s first data security enforcement effort, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it took action against TerraCom, Inc., and YourTel America, Inc., for failing to protect consumer data.

  • 11.06.14

    Not Enough Air For Degradability Claims, FTC Warns

    Providing a reminder about the importance of complying with the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides, the agency recently sent 15 warning letters to marketers of plastic bags touted as “oxodegradable,” cautioning that the claims may be deceptive.



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