• 06.10.15

    Reforming Medicaid’s Long-Term Care (LTC) System

    Medicaid is the single largest payer for healthcare services in every state. With nearly 10 million people enrolling in 2014 alone, total enrollment now tops 68 million. But Medicaid is not just undergoing soaring growth. It’s also experiencing unprecedented change, fueled by its expanding ...

  • 05.27.15

    Updates on California Medical Leave Laws

    This complimentary webinar will provide guidance to employers attempting to comply with the evolving medical leave laws in California. It will provide a salient discussion of recent updates and best practices to ensure your company’s policies and procedures are properly updated. Our panel of ...

  • 05.26.15

    Data Security Best Practices for In-House Counsel Webinar: Credit Card Breaches and PCI

    As part of our continuing Webinar Learning Series in Privacy and Data Security, Manatt invites you to join a seasoned privacy professional and the co-chair of Manatt’s Privacy and Data Security practice for “Credit Card Breaches and PCI: Strategies for Data Breach Avoidance, Response, ...

  • 04.29.15

    Best Practices for Using Social Media in Healthcare

    In a generation more likely to seek health information online than see a doctor, social media is playing an increasingly critical role in healthcare decisions. A growing number of healthcare entities are incorporating social media into their communication plans. But how can you effectively harness ...

  • 04.21.15

    Data Security Best Practices for In-House Counsel: Cyber Insurance Top Tips

    With the recent high-profile data breaches at significant financial institutions, companies are under ever more state and federal scrutiny by multiple enforcement agencies, attorneys general, and consumer groups to secure data. The increasing threat of information compromise is compounded with ...

  • 02.10.15

    Insulate Your Company From a Cyber Breach

    As the headlines make clear, whether you are an established brick-and-mortar business or a digital media/tech start-up, you are facing an onslaught of potential cyber threats coming from many different directions, placing customer and employee information, intellectual property and trade secrets, ...

  • 12.10.14

    HIPAA and the Learning Health System

    How can we solve the HIPAA paradox to enhance healthcare quality, value and learning? Hear a panel of leading providers reveal how to manage the obstacles and maximize the opportunities in leveraging digital health data to advance learning. The United States is undergoing a digital healthcare ...

  • 11.19.14

    The ACA One Year In

    Having survived political wars, Supreme Court appeals and even a government shutdown, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) made it through its first year of implementation. The public Marketplaces that are central to the ACA launched on October 1, 2013—and a year later, we face our second open ...

  • 09.30.14

    How Can You Mitigate the Risks and Maximize the Benefits of Commercial ACOs?

    Commercial Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are increasingly attractive to providers--but they also present unique legal issues. In a complimentary webinar, Manatt helps you navigate the potential pitfalls of commercial ACOs while taking advantage of their benefits. Join us for ...

  • 07.17.14

    What Are the Five Megatrends Driving the Seismic Shift in Healthcare, and How Should Pharma Respond?

    Fee-for-service will take its last gasp. Medicaid ranks will swell to 91 million by 2023. Twenty percent of U.S. hospitals will merge in the next five to seven years. The number of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) ballooned from 41 in 2010 to 606 in 2013, demonstrating the "volume to ...



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