• Health Care Litigation

    American health care is transforming. While battles over health care reform continue to be waged in the legislative arena, a host of issues are being decided in the courtroom.

  • Health Care Transactions

    The well-chronicled consolidation of the health care sector has fueled a robust market for corporate transactions and commercial arrangements of every stripe. The ongoing demand for business combinations that can deliver on both quality of care and long-term cost reduction has led to a ...

  • Hospitality and Leisure

    As more and more industries take their operations online, digital and technological skills and assets are becoming increasingly critical to a company’s competitiveness and bottom line.

  • Impact Investing and Community Development

    Manatt’s nationally recognized impact investing and community development team represents investors and borrowers in all aspects of tax incentive financing.

  • Infrastructure

    Large-scale infrastructure projects are by definition complex undertakings, with legal, commercial, technical and governmental issues at every turn.

  • Insurance

    A multidisciplinary team equipped to handle an array of matters for the insurance industry.

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

    At a time when intellectual property often constitutes the very heart and soul of an enterprise, the need to protect and optimize the value of IP assets has understandably intensified.

  • Investigations, Compliance and White Collar Defense

    Scrutiny from the Department of Justice, state and local prosecutors and whistleblowers for ineffective compliance programs and outright criminal wrongdoing can create significant risk for corporations, officers and directors, and even junior employees. Such exposure can lead to criminal ...

  • Land Use

    Land use requires both legal experience and political acumen. Combining law with strategic insight and strong government relations, we focus on obtaining entitlements, permits or approvals and guiding your projects to successful completion.

  • Litigation

    Successful litigation requires a deep and current understanding of a client's industry and strong relationships with regulatory, legislative and enforcement officials—as well as the ability, experience and confidence to take complex matters to trial.



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