• Los Angeles Government and Land Use

    The City and County of Los Angeles have long ranked among the most progressive of metropolitan areas, a vanguard of innovative policies that frequently serve as templates for the rest of the country. Yet the same forces that account for its forward-thinking reputation—innovative regulation, ...

  • Manatt Digital and Technology

    Media, entertainment, technology and advertising are converging at a geometric pace. Social media, user-generated content, alternative payment technologies, mobile delivery and the ubiquitous internet are redefining notions of ownership, privacy, engagement and commerce.

  • Manatt Energy and Environmental

    We have entered a new age of energy. Regulations and markets are in constant flux, as are consumer preferences. Key players are finding new ways of sourcing, generating, trading, storing and distributing energy as we shift from hydrocarbons to renewables. Whether you're a traditional producer ...

  • Manatt Entertainment

    There's no business like show business. The interplay between technology and consumer demand is transforming the marketplace. Content is king, and the challenge is finding the right platforms to deliver and monetize your film, TV or music properties. With the globalization of financing, ...

  • Manatt Financial Services

    The financial industry has forever changed. The ever-changing landscape demands accurate advice from the leading lawyers in the field—lawyers who keep abreast of industry developments and work with you as business partners to drive your path to success. Manatt’s industry-focused team ...

  • Manatt Health

    America's health care system is undergoing massive change. Transformational policies, innovative approaches to delivering and paying for care and disruptive technologies—each is changing significantly and impacting the others.

  • Manatt Health COVID-19 Response: How We Can Help

    The coronavirus outbreak has generated a frenzy of activity related to telehealth as a method of triaging and treating those who are infected, as well as an alternative source of treatment for high-risk patients.

  • Manatt Housing Solutions

    Working with governments and private capital to provide housing solutions for California families, Manatt Housing Solutions LLC is ideally positioned to serve as an end-to-end provider to identify and create needed workforce housing in California

  • Manatt Leasing

    Many tenants face unprecedented challenges in meeting their lease obligations in light of the current economic dislocation, precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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