How Cybercriminals Are Stealing Your Ad Dollars

By: Farnaz M. Alemi
– Bloomberg Law

In a byline for Bloomberg Law, Manatt Digital and Technology Partner Farnaz Alemi explored how cybercriminals mimic human consumer behavior using robots to steal brand’s advertising dollars and what strategies businesses can implement to protect against the growing trend. The global digital advertising spend has grown to $390 billion annually and brands expect their ads to reach an audience. However, due to ad fraud, these ads may not ever be seen by a single human being. One way to combat this, Alemi explained, is for advertisers to rely on advertising fraud technology experts to conduct independent ad fraud assessments of past campaigns or ongoing campaigns to monitor for leakage and remediate where appropriate. “While brands already may receive assurances of ad-fraud detection systems in place, it is worth checking to ensure the detection is working as intended,” she added.

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