Reichenberg and Libowsky Co-Authored “Monopoly” Definition for Concurrences’ Dictionary

By: Stephen D. Libowsky | David H. Reichenberg
– Concurrences’ Global Dictionary of Competition Law

Manatt Antitrust and Competition Partners David Reichenberg and Stephen Libowsky co-authored an entry for the word “monopoly” in Concurrences’ Global Dictionary of Competition Law, in which they defined the term and provided commentary on the modern understanding of monopoly power. Concurrences is an industry-leading publication that attracts government, business, and academic attention to a broad range of subjects relating to competition law, regulations, and industrial economics.

In the entry, the authors clarified the meaning of a “monopoly” under Section 2 of the Sherman Act and identified the factors that are considered when determining whether a monopoly exists, including the Relevant Product or Geographic Market, market shares, barriers to entry and expansion, market structure, and market performance over time. Reichenberg and Libowsky then provided an explanation of how the methods of monopolization are interpreted when determining an entity’s potential monopoly power, citing recent antitrust cases to supplement their commentary.   

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