2023 Is The Year and a Fear of Uncertainty. Here's How to Navigate It.

By: Kalon Gutierrez
– Entrepreneur

In his most recent column for Entrepreneur, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez offered advice to business leaders on how to manage fear of uncertainty in 2023 and even reframe uncertainty itself as positive.   

In the article, Gutierrez explained how the fear of uncertainty is rising as company leaders kick off the new year. Various economic, political and climate related factors are contributing to this trend, Gutierrez said. He highlighted the value of embracing uncertainty to effectively manage the obstacles of these challenging circumstances. “To properly navigate the reality of our futures being uncertain, we must detach from our own definitions of success and be open to what may unveil itself along the way. The uncertainty of such is also the joy,” he added.  

Gutierrez provided seven ways to harness the unknown and achieve success within that uncertainty:  

  1. Identify what is in and out of your control 
  2. Reframe your uncertainty 
  3. Listen to what your sense of uncertainty is telling you 
  4. Detach from your desired outcome 
  5. Understand the bigger life picture 
  6. Recognize your survival instinct 
  7. Approach with a beginner's mind 

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