• 12.17.21

    5 Keys to Success for the Mid-Career Entrepreneur

    In his latest Entrepreneur column, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez notes that now is a great time for a mid-career entrepreneurial leap.

  • 12.07.21

    Appellate Horrorscope

    In his latest "Exceptionally Appealing" column for Daily Journal, Manatt Appellate Partner Benjamin Shatz gazed into the legal crystal ball to give an "appellate horrorscope" for readers' amusement as the year comes to a conclusion.With an appellate twist, Shatz offered his ...

  • 11.29.21

    Ethics, schmethics — this is property litigation!

    Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger authored an article for Daily Journal about unique ethical issues that arise in property litigation, especially regarding government action that strictly regulates the use of property."Indeed, the Supreme Court has repeatedly said that basic ...

  • 11.17.21

    Data — and Data Protection — is Key to Digital Strategies

    Privacy and Data Security Co-leader and Partner Scott Lashway joined Manatt Digital and Technology Counsel and Director Matthew Reece in co-authoring an article for Sports Business Journal about data privacy and security rules and processes in the sports industry as it continues to transform into a ...

  • 11.01.21

    Disclosure of Investigations: Whether and When for Public Companies

    In an article for Law Journal Newsletters' Business Crimes Bulletin, Manatt Investigations, Compliance and White Collar Defense Partners Jacqueline Wolff and Karin Bell consider whether and when public companies should disclose internal and government investigations. Citing recent SEC ...

  • 10.25.21

    5 Policy Changes to Prevent Another Surfside Tragedy

    Manatt Real Estate Leader Michael Polentz and Senior Advisor Daniel Abram authored an article for Law360 discussing five policy changes that will likely arise as a result of the Surfside tragedy in June 2020 to help ensure such a catastrophe never happens again. In particular, the authors highlight ...

  • 10.23.21

    Seven Keys to Authentically Investing in Diverse Start-ups

    In his latest Entrepreneur column, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez co-wrote with Partner Rustin Brown about how institutions, investors and entrepreneurs can “effectively ignite the fire of a burgeoning economy with diversity, equity and ...

  • 10.22.21

    Congressional Paralysis Equals Regulatory Whiplash

    Manatt land use Partner David Smith authored an article for Daily Journal on the regulatory cycle between presidential administrations and its impact on environmental regulation. In particular, Smith noted that the use of executive orders to build environmental protection regulations results in ...

  • 10.19.21

    What FTC's 'Penalty Offense Notices' Mean For Companies

    Manatt Financial Services Counsel Joseph Reilly and Special Counsel Jonathan Joshua as well as consumer financial services practice Leader Richard Gottlieb authored an article for Law360 on the Federal Trade Commission's recent issuance of “notices of penalty offenses” to several ...

  • 09.29.21

    ‘Too Big to Fail’ — The Sequel

    Michael Berger authored a column for Daily Journal, which examining the “too big to fail” theory from the 2007-2009 financial crisis, and stressed the significance of takings cases before the U.S. Supreme Court this term.



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