• 03.22.15

    So Your Kid Wants to Be a Rock Star?

    You had it all planned out. It was the perfect set-up. A perfect schedule for your perfect child. Travel, lacrosse, a private Mandarin tutor, summers at farm camp, classical piano lessons--all the ingredients for a fulfilled life as a doctor, a lawyer or in private equity.Then it happened. Your ...

  • 03.19.15

    Fraudulent Transfers and Ponzi Schemes Meet the Media

    Mainstream media—TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet—exist and prosper in no small part as a result of their ability to sell and be paid for advertising. While subscriptions, fees and retail sales generate important revenues, it has long been the case that the placement and ...

  • 03.13.15

    Analyzing Cyber Risk Coverage

    Many companies are now taking a close look at the protections provided by cyber risk insurance policies—some for the first time—as data breach incidents and related cyber risks continue to increase and gain publicity, and as government agencies become more actively involved in policing ...

  • 03.13.15

    Disney/Maker, One Year Later: Your Mandatory SXSW Reading

    It's SXSW time. Are you ready?Well, I'm here to help. Here's some easy prep for the endless conversations you will face while clutching your drink. Here's my SXSW digital media ice-breaker.

  • 03.11.15

    Dealing With Dirty Dirt

    When developers and their investors contemplate acquiring a site that is compromised with environmental contamination, there are important guidelines they would do well to follow in order to properly evaluate the risk, determine what may be done to mitigate that risk, and inform both the decision ...

  • 03.11.15

    The Next Big Thing: Enforcing Terms of Service in an Internet of Things World

    While a universally accepted definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) does not yet exist, the phrase has been coined to refer to the ability of everyday objects to connect to the Internet and to send and receive data. Thus, we are not far from living in a world where every device - from the tiny ...

  • 02.23.15

    Medicaid Managed Care: What's Ahead in 2015

    Managed care is the dominant delivery model in state Medicaid programs, and is rapidly growing with the Affordable Care Act bringing over 8 million new beneficiaries into Medicaid in 2014. Today, 39 states (including the District of Columbia)1 enroll beneficiaries in comprehensive managed care ...

  • 02.18.15

    Video in 2015: Smartphone-Powered, Digital First

    That smartphone in your pocket. Small form factor. Massive impact. Its tiny screen is fundamentally transforming (disrupting?) each of our lives, including how we engage with content, specifically movies and television. That means fundamental transformation of the media and entertainment business ...

  • 02.18.15

    Crude Oil Exports: A View from the 114th Congress

    The 114th Congress convened January 3 with energy at the top of its agenda.  Both the House and the Senate kicked off the new session with approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. That was just the start. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the new Chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee, ...

  • 02.11.15

    CalPERS Won the Battle, but Not the War

    Much has been written and much has been said about the Chapter 9 proceeding involving the city of Stockton. In re City of Stockton, California, 12-32118-C-9 (Bankr. E.D. Cal.).In October 2014, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher M. Klein verbally announced in open court his decision to confirm the ...



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