• 12.17.14

    The Intersection of Solar Energy and Energy Storage

    According to the US Energy Information Administration, the installation of solar photovoltaics in the United States increased by more than 400% from 2010 to 2014. Looking towards 2015 and beyond, industry analysts continue to be bullish on solar's continued growth in residential, commercial and ...

  • 12.07.14

    Climate Change Will Make More Politicians Into Environmentalists

    By the time the 2016 presidential election formally gets underway, pundits are likely to debate the climate change gap in the same breath as they argue over the gender gap.Voters already have telegraphed elected officials that they need to take global warming seriously, because they do. Or face the ...

  • 12.04.14

    To WARN or Not to WARN, That is the Issue the Court Faced

    Must a financially troubled employer, anticipating that a sale of its business will solve its financial problems, give federally mandated layoff notices to its employees? And, having decided not to give the notices, what happens to the employer when the sale fails to close? To WARN or not to WARN, ...

  • 12.01.14

    9th to Review Google's 'Innocence'

    This coming Dec. 15, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will engage in a rare en banc rehearing of a case that, culturally speaking, has everything: movies, politics, terrorism, fatwas and the Internet. Legally speaking, the case is a porcupine of thorny issues involving copyright law, the First ...

  • 11.17.14

    How Consumers Might Game the 90-Day Grace Period and What Can Be Done About It

    Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals receiving a federal subsidy are entitled to a three-month premium nonpayment grace period. As long as such an individual has paid at least the first month's premium of the year, in any subsequent month the individual has ...

  • 11.05.14

    Fair Use Decision Causes a Stir

    Of the myriad rules, principles and standards that compose our legal system, only one doctrine can lay claim to the distinction of having been labeled as "billowing white goo," "naught but a fairy tale," and "so flexible as virtually to defy definition." The copyright ...

  • 11.01.14

    Do We Need #consent?; Navigating Legal Issues In the Twittersphere

    In today's digital age where consumers rely heavily on social media for news and entertainment, it has become increasingly common for companies to join the conversation on popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Whether through live tweeting to followers during a nationally ...

  • 11.01.14

    Terms and Conditions

    Failing to ensure that your digital campaign is in compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines on customer privacy and data security can have negative-- and long-lasting-- repercussions. Here's a checklist to help keep you on the right side of the law.Even the tech-savviest marketing ...

  • 11.01.14

    The Total Concession P3 - Now Entering U.S. Markets

    Unlike European nations where public-private partnerships (P3) have been a fundamental format for major infrastructure projects, we have been traditionally shy to embrace them here in the United States until recently. Yet that is beginning to change. Without the big budgets to build desperately ...

  • 10.31.14

    Who Is Heading To The Polls?

    I am often asked why the likely voter polling data, especially in New York State, has been consistently off target on the margin of victory over the last decade and a half. My response is always the same: The polling data itself is not usually the problem, it is the likely voter screens that are ...



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