Mann Quoted in Associated Press on Oklahoma’s Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid expansion takes effect in deep-red Oklahoma
– The Associated Press

Manatt Health Partner Cindy Mann was quoted in Associated Press on Oklahoma’s voter-approved expansion of Medicaid as states who have long-debated the issue assess their options. The publication noted that Oklahoma moved ahead with its expansion at a time when Democrats in Washington and across the states are pressing to complete the work of the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, which was recently upheld at the Supreme Court for a third time. “Anyone banking on the idea that Obamacare was just going to be struck down — the Supreme Court has moved past that,” Mann said.

Additionally, she pointed out that all of the states that are still debating the issue are constantly looking at other states’ experience to get a sense of what they can expect. “Having Oklahoma — a very red state — moving forward judiciously and with very strong enrollment is showing that this is a sensible path to go.”

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