• 08.16.16

    Court of Appeal Holds EIR Inadequately Analyzed Energy Impacts

    The California Court of Appeal reiterated the holding in California Clean Energy Committee v. City of Woodland (2014) 225 Cal.App.4th 173 (CCEC) regarding energy impacts analysis under CEQA for a large commercial development and addressed the attempted use of an addendum to repair a certified ...

  • 07.18.16

    Brexit Will Cause Deal Flow Reduction

    Britain's historic vote to exit the European Union has sent shock waves throughout the global economy and will certainly have economic and political repercussions for years.

  • 06.08.16

    Why You Should Continue to Pay Attention to PACE

    With commercial property owners and tenants still seeking sustainable building designs that incorporate energy efficiency or green building features, Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing will continue to rightfully receive more attention.

  • 06.02.16

    Supreme Court Allows Challenges to Section 404 Jurisdictional Determinations

    The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously concluded that property owners who are required to obtain Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404 permits are entitled to challenge the government’s Jurisdictional Determinations (JD) of the extent of “waters of the United States” on their land when ...

  • 05.11.16

    Own or Lease? New Accounting Rules Necessitate Review

    The divestiture of property owned by non-real estate companies has long been a trend in the U.S.

  • 04.28.16

    Landmark Discrimination Case: Fair Housing Act Thwarts NIMBYs

    The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a decision in favor of the City of Yuma, Arizona, and concluded instead that there was sufficient evidence to present to a jury that the City had rejected the developer's application for an increase in zoning density for reasons of barely disguised ...

  • 03.31.16

    A Rare Win for Former Redevelopment Agencies—State Collection Procedures Ruled Unconstitutional

    Under the redevelopment dissolution law, the State directed former redevelopment agencies to distribute agency funds to the county auditor-controller for allocation to local taxing entities except to the extent required to meet agency enforceable obligations.

  • 03.09.16

    Crowdfunding: Disclosing Both Pros and Cons?

    Crowdfunding has grown tremendously in the past few years, and with the recent finalization by the Securities and Exchange Commission of its rulemaking under a 2012 law, there may be an even greater expansion of investor opportunities.

  • 02.25.16

    New Draft CEQA Guidelines Evaluating Transportation Impacts

    The Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) was mandated by SB 743 in 2013 to revise the CEQA Guidelines to eliminate the use of Level of Service (LOS) in determining transportation impacts under CEQA.

  • 02.03.16

    Big Picture—What Could We See in 2016?

    The other shoe finally dropped last month when the Federal Reserve announced the first interest rate hike in seven years.



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