• 04.12.22

    Article Design Limited to Item Recited in Design Patent Claim

    In In re SurgiSil, LLP, the Federal Circuit held that a claimed design is limited to the particular article of manufacture identified in the claim.

  • 03.31.22

    Eighth Circuit Rules Marketing Software Txt Live Not an Autodialer

    In an appeal consolidating two Telephone Consumer Protection Act cases against owners of two bar establishments, Outfield Brew House, LLC, and Truman Road Developments, LLC, the Eighth Circuit ruled that the marketing software Txt Live did not meet the statutory definition of an autodialer.

  • 03.31.22

    State Telemarketing Laws Popping Up Around the Country

    Florida’s passage of a Telephone Consumer Protection Act state law analogue appears to have started a trend, with similar bills introduced in Georgia, Oklahoma and Washington.

  • 03.31.22

    Request to Stop Text Messages Trumps Emergency Exception

    A plaintiff’s request to stop sending text messages trumps the “emergency purposes” exception to mandated consent under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a Florida federal court recently ruled.

  • 03.31.22

    Federal Agencies Maintain Focus on Robocalls

    Both the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission have continued their push to crack down on robocalls in recent weeks, with cease and desist letters, a proposed record-setting fine, and a warning to comply with investigations or face a lawsuit.

  • 03.22.22

    Copying of Unpatented Technology Permitted When Confidentiality Obligations Terminated

    In BladeRoom Grp. Ltd. v. Emerson Elec. Co., the Ninth Circuit held under English law that a reasonable person would interpret a nondisclosure agreement to end two years after signing because the NDA unambiguously terminated the confidentiality obligations after two years.

  • 03.16.22

    Sexual Harassment, Assault Claims No Longer Subject to Arbitration Under FAA

    President Joseph Biden has signed the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021, allowing individuals asserting a claim of sexual harassment or assault to file suit in court despite the existence of a predispute arbitration agreement or class or collective action ...

  • 03.16.22

    Relation Back Doctrine Can Apply to PAGA Claims

    Considering the intersection of the Private Attorneys General Act and the doctrine of relation back, a California appellate panel found that the doctrine can apply to the statute, opening the door to a subsequent employee to move forward with a suit dating back to the date the initial complaint was ...

  • 03.16.22

    Making Things Clear: Pay Transparency Comes to New York

    The most recent trend in employment-related legislation: pay transparency.

  • 03.16.22

    No Jury Right for PAGA Claims

    Does an employee have the right to a jury trial in a PAGA suit? Not according to a recent California appellate panel decision in a suit brought by a cashier at Ralphs Grocery Company.  



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