• 06.26.23

    California Supreme Court Expands Whistleblower Protection

    The California Supreme Court has expanded whistleblower protections under state law, taking a broad reading of the term “disclosure.”

  • 06.26.23

    EEOC Takes On Title VII and AI

    Adding to the growing commentary on artificial intelligence (AI) in the employment context, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently issued a technical assistance document.

  • 06.26.23

    The NLRB Recently Takes Bold Action

    NLRB General Counsel Cites Top Five Problems With Noncompetes Under the National Labor Relations Act

  • 06.26.23

    New State, Local Laws Address Height, Weight, Marijuana and Noncompetes

    State and local employment laws are changing around the country, from a new measure in New York City prohibiting discrimination based on height and weight to protections enacted in Washington for off-duty marijuana use to a ban on almost all noncompete agreements in Minnesota.

  • 06.20.23

    Disclaimer Not Binding in IPR Proceeding Where Made

    In CUPP Computing AS v. Trend Micro Inc., the Federal Circuit held that a disclaimer made in an inter partes review (IPR) proceeding was not binding in that proceeding, i.e., the disclaimer is not binding in the proceeding in which it is made.

  • 06.06.23

    State ‘Mini-TCPA’ Telemarketing Laws Continue to Proliferate

    States are continuing their focus on telemarketing, with updates and new laws in Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, Tennessee and Washington, and a bill in Georgia waiting on a gubernatorial signature.

  • 06.06.23

    Missouri Federal Court Certifies Class in TCPA Fax Case

    A federal court in Missouri granted class certification in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act action that could cost the defendant almost $4 million for allegedly sending unsolicited faxes.

  • 06.06.23

    One Call, One Damage Award, Holds Texas Federal Court

    After a jury awarded a Telephone Consumer Protection Act plaintiff $8,500 in damages at trial, the judge declined to treble the award—and instead cut it to $6,500.

  • 06.01.23

    Regulation of AI Systems is Already Here – Look to Data Protection Laws

    As the scramble continues to reckon with the rapid advancement of generative artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E, and Midjourney, and the promise of other AI and machine learning systems (for simplicity, “AI systems”) to come, legal and business professionals ...

  • 05.23.23

    DOJ’s Losing Record on No-Poach, Wage-Fixing Continues

    After launching an initiative to combat no-poaching and wage-fixing agreements, the Department of Justice has racked up zero victories in its criminal prosecutions to date, including a recent loss in Connecticut.



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