• 12.13.10

    Antipiracy, Counterfeit Bill Heads to Full Senate

    The Senate Judiciary Committee recently passed the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act by a unanimous vote, moving the legislation to the full Senate.

  • 12.02.10

    FDA Reveals Graphic Proposed Warning Labels for Cigarettes

    The Food and Drug Administration unveiled 36 proposed warning labels for cigarette packs, pursuant to the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, that gives the agency the power to regulate tobacco products for the first time and to promulgate warning labels.

  • 11.23.10

    A Primer on Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls Associated with Social Networking

    Amid intensifying scrutiny surrounding Facebook’s privacy practices, it is more important than ever for employers to carefully consider their social media policies to avoid potential “land mines” that exist in the cyber-communication world. 

  • 11.16.10

    Ziploc Can Substantiate Evolve Bag Claims—With More Info

    The National Advertising Division (NAD) determined certain environmental claims made by S.C. Johnson & Son regarding its Ziploc Evolve storage bags could be supported but recommended that the company provide clearer information about its use of wind energy in the product’s ...

  • 11.10.10

    Energy Efficiency Critic Sues Over LEED Certification System

    A self-proclaimed “energy efficiency maven” filed a class action against the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which governs LEED certification, in which he alleges that the Council engaged in false advertising and fraud, and committed antitrust and RICO violations.

  • 11.04.10

    BNA’s Environmental Webinar

    For the first time in 12 years, the Federal Trade Commission has issued revisions to its environmental Green Guides, which provide comprehensive guidance to advertisers on how to make claims about the environmental attributes of their products and operations.

  • 10.26.10

    Tech Companies Support Rush Privacy Bill; Other Bills in the Pipeline

    Three major tech companies—eBay, Intel, and Microsoft—sent a letter to Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Il.) in support of his proposed privacy bill, the Best Practices Act.

  • 10.14.10

    “C” is for Cookie Lawsuits

    Half a dozen lawsuits have been filed over the last few weeks against companies that use online cookies to track consumers’ browsing habits. 

  • 10.08.10

    FTC Unlocks Charges Against Online Data Broker

    The Federal Trade Commission settled charges with the online data broker U.S. Search, Inc. over its “PrivacyLock” service, in which the company charged a $10 fee to “lock their records” of consumers so that they could not be viewed or purchased by others on the site.

  • 10.06.10

    FTC Releases Highly Anticipated Updates to Environmental Marketing Guides and PMA Webinar

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today released a long-anticipated draft of its revised Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (“Green Guides”), which provide critical guidance for companies making environmental claims about their products and services.  



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