COVID-19: Remapping the Healthcare Privacy Landscape

Discover How COVID-19 Is Re-Shaping Healthcare Privacy Today—and for the Future.

Privacy is among the many areas of our lives that COVID-19 is radically changing. While some new developments are short-term solutions to help us navigate the immediate impacts of this unprecedented crisis, others will bring lasting change that will affect us long after the pandemic recedes.

In a new webinar, Manatt Health will explore the range of legal changes to healthcare privacy that the COVID-19 pandemic is driving, including both immediate impacts and long-term consequences. We will examine how COVID-19 is re-shaping our privacy laws, standards and obligations, today and tomorrow. Key topics include:

  • The new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) waivers, including their scope, their impact and their duration
  • The short-term HIPAA changes in response to COVID-19, including new flexibilities around telehealth, community testing sites and business-associate disclosures of protected health information
  • The aspects of the new HIPAA flexibilities that may bring lasting change extending far beyond the pandemic
  • Important long-term changes in the privacy landscape, including revisions to the federal substance use disorder confidentiality statute and state policies regarding health information exchanges
  • The impact of the privacy changes on the new information blocking requirements

Robert D. Belfort, Partner, Manatt Health
Alexander Dworkowitz, Partner, Manatt Health

Date and Time:
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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