Retail Environmental Compliance: What’s Next in the Regulatory Pipeline?

Hundreds of millions of dollars in civil penalties paid to settle retail hazardous waste enforcement actions. EPA announces increased focus on retail sector as part of new retail strategy. The Toxic Substances Control Act overhauled for the first time in 40 years. Increasing Clean Air Act enforcement related to retail refrigeration emissions.

These are just a few recent examples of the regulatory changes and other trends impacting environmental enforcement related to the manufacture, distribution and sale of retail products. Adding an additional layer of complexity, legislation at both the federal and state levels often creates an inconsistent and ever-evolving regulatory environment and brings entirely novel compliance challenges.

This complimentary webinar reviewed significant environmental compliance issues most impacting retailers and others in the retail industry and offered best practices to help adapt to this changing regulatory environment. Focusing on the entire life cycle of retail products, the speakers covered current compliance challenges and developments impacting:

  • Development and manufacture (e.g., green chemistry initiatives and GMO labeling)
  • Transportation and storage (e.g., recent Clean Air Act enforcement trends)
  • Product sales (e.g., new Proposition 65 warning requirements and BPA)
  • Hazardous waste compliance programs (enforcement trends and regulatory updates)
  • Recycling requirements and consumer take-back programs (e.g., state and local trends)

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